Business Owners Can Enjoy Their Holidays

People start businesses for many reasons. One oft-cited reason is that people believe that they will have greater control over their time and hence have greater freedom. However, in reality, many businesses struggle when the owner is away. As a result many business owners do not get a holiday at all! In other cases the business owners cannot imagine others can run their business as well as they can. Here are some tips so that business owners to can enjoy their holidays.

All things are possible with careful planning and robust systems. Having competent people, particularly senior people is a great start.

Select the Time

If you have run the business for several years, you will know the seasonal trends. You can then plan your holiday break and use your billing history to discover your business’ peaks and troughs.

Prepare your Senior Staff

Ensure staff training is complete and responsibility and accountability align. Share your daily routines and philosophy of decision-making with your second in charge, so that they have the best chance of making the right decisions. Make notes of key expectations relating to customers and suppliers. Perhaps make some “video notes”

Consider hiring support (temporary) staff to fill any gaps, so they have the best chance of running the business as you want them to run the business.

Prepare your Customers

Let your customers know that you will be away and who will be acting on your behalf. Introduce your second in charge personally to key customers to provide comfort and knowledge on who to contact.

Occasionally check in, as a last resort. It’s almost impossible to completely get away from your business and the temptation to check emails, call and check with your staff on the state of your business is irresistible for some. If it will ease your mind to check in, then do so but limit your check in calls and so that you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your holiday.

Remember, that if you do not check-in it sends a message to your staff that you trust them to run the operation in your absence.

Try not to become one of the many business owners who struggle to take a holiday and eventually “burn-out”. Remain fresh and excited about your business and life.

In summary, selecting the right senior staff, providing the proper training and sharing your detailed notes will go a long way in creating an environment for success. Business Owners can enjoy their holidays. Perhaps the business will even run well while you are away. Remain fresh and excited about your business and life – make a plan to get away.